February 3 – 6, 2019
   Susan Mills Artist Books is an exhibitor at Codex VII, table 169

Post-Partum Documents

Post-Partum Documents
Edition of 40
signed and handbound

This new publication references and excerpts from Susan Mills' 1981 bookwork Diary which in turn references Mary Kelly's 1973-79 Post-Partum Document.

The Americans

The Americans
Edition of 20
signed and handbound
Robert Frank's The Americans was published in 1958.  Jack Kerouac said in his intro that Frank "sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film".  In 2017 Susan Mills found subtle beauty in the American soil; her book is made from American plants.

"The raw plant materials were collected in 25 locations in the United States, then processed by Susan into paper. Like her other artist’s books, The Americans is conceptual in nature: it embodies an alternative way of thinking about and experiencing “place”. Frank’s book gave Americans a new way of seeing themselves in photographs. Susan’s book gives them an entirely new way of experiencing their land. " Book Arts arts du livre Canada

UnCommon Pages Field Notebook

UnCommon Pages
edition of 2000
unsigned and handbound
2014 - ongoing

In New York City, the Freshkills Park site, is in a continual phase change from landfill to park, a conceptual and physical reclamation. UnCommon Pages re-imagines the invasive Phragmites (the common reed) as a generative material, and with that, is a form of recycled art. Rather than introducing new materials to express recycling or upcycling, this project uses plants that are now growing on the site naturally, looking to the future of the land and expressing the possibilities in renewal. Read more about this publishing/public art project here.

twentysix plants

twentysix plants
edition of 50
signed and handbound

Publication coincides with the 50th anniversary of Ed Ruscha's iconic road book Twentysix Gasoline Stations - a slim and elegant machine-made paperback. Twentysix Plants is rough and chunky and made by hand; it celebrates standing in place; the paper is made from 26 plants grown or foraged at Women's Studio Workshop in Upstate New York.

Interaction of Tantra

Interaction of Tantra edtion of 1
signed and handbound
Interaction of Tantra references Josef Albers' 1963 textbook Interaction of Color and the anonymous abstract Tantric paintings from Rajasthan, India, collected by French poet Frank AndrĂ© Jamme.

 "Susan Mills' two accordion books are directly referential to Josef Albers’ iconic 1963 publication Interaction of Color in which he explores formal relationships in colour theory. In her work titled Interaction of Tantra, Mills excises illustrations and texts from the recent Albers edition, sewing portions of the colour plates into the first volume and black and white text with illustrations and diagrams into the second. As two separate volumes, the dual strands of image and text, vision and intellect braid together into a single work of art. To further underscore this fusion of Eastern and Western worldviews, Mills—literally—stitches the excised image/texts from the Albers’ book onto handmade Japanese mitsumotta chiri paper using personally chosen sewing patterns of basic shapes (circles, squares, coils, and arrows), each laden with elemental visual associations."
Peter Dykuis,  Unbound: an exhibition in three chapters, Dalhousie University