Interaction of Tantra Solo show at 330g Gallery
 in Saskatoon, Canada. Jan 20 – Feb 11, 2017

Interaction of Tantra is a one-of-a-kind artist book self-published
by Susan Mills. The book references Josef Albers' 1963 textbook, Interaction of Color
and the anonymous abstract Tantric paintings from Rajasthan, India,
collected by French poet Frank André Jamme.  More information here.


The Americans is an edition of 20 handbound books.
Read it at CODEX 2017, February 5-8,

Susan Mills, Featured Artist
Susan Mills is working with Freshkills Park on a project to be presented at this year's Sneak 'Peak', on September 28 called UnCommon Pages. On July 19, Susan will lead a group to harvest plants including phragmites, the invasive species on the site (also known as the common reed and pictured above) to make paper for a bookmaking workshop at the fall festival. Susan will cook the plants to remove impurities, beat with water to form a pulp from the plant fibers, then hand dip to form paper sheets. These will become the cover stock for 2000 passport-sized Field Notebooks to be made by Sneak 'Peak' visitors to take home with them, made from plants in the very landscape in which they stand. Susan speaks about how this project fits into her practice as an artist and teacher here.

July 19th - harvest day at Freshkills

Susan Mills was an exhibitor
Codex International Book Fair
2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
Berkeley, California

Susan Mills was the recipient of a 2013 WSW Artist Book Residency Grant.
She was onsite in November and December in the papermaking studio.
Her book twentysix plants is literally 26 pages of paper handmade from
26 everyday plants grown or foraged at the WSW ArtFarm. Publication
coincides with the 50th anniversary of Ed Ruscha's iconic road book
Twentysix Gasoline Stations - a slim and elegant machine made
paperback. Twentysix plants is rough and chunky and made by hand;
it celebrates standing in place. See a tiny video on the home page. The
book is for sale on the checklist page.

Susan Mills founded and hosts Bookbinding Now a bi-weekly seies of audio interviews
 - ongoing.

Susan Mills developed and teaches Full Tilt, an innovative series of  compressed professional
classes with low tuition; open to all - ongoing.

Susan Mills was an exhibitor
L.A. Art Book Fair 2013
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
Los Angeles, California

Susan Mills was an exhibitor
Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair.
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, MoMA PS1

Susan Mills is an exhibitor, panelist and catalog essayist
Hand, Voice and Vision:: Artist's Books from Women's Studio Workshop
Curated by Kathleen Walkup
Traveling 2011-14 including The GrollierClub NY,
 Carlton College, Scripps College, Smith College,
University of Michigan, University of Kentucky,
Vassar College

Panel Discussion: Artists of the Women's Studio Workshop from The Grolier Club on Vimeo. Book Artists Clarissa Sligh, Susan Mills & Emily Speed discuss artists books.


Unbound: an exhibition in
three chapters
Dalhousie University, Halifax

 "Susan Mills' two accordion books are directly referential to Josef Albers’ iconic 1963 publication Interaction of Color in which he explores formal relationships in colour theory. In her work titled Interaction of Tantra, Mills excises illustrations and texts from the recent Albers edition, sewing portions of the colour plates into the first volume and black and white text with illustrations and diagrams into the second. As two separate volumes, the dual strands of image and text, vision and intellect braid together into a single work of art. To further underscore this fusion of Eastern and Western worldviews, Mills—literally—stitches the excised image/texts from the Albers’ book onto handmade Japanese mitsumotta chiri paper using personally chosen sewing patterns of basic shapes (circles, squares, coils, and arrows), each laden with elemental visual associations."
Peter Dykuis, curator, chapter two


I Sing the Book Electric
10 week poetry-in-book-form workshop
starts Friday February 2011
at the Poetry Project

Single Quire Binding, an essay by Susan Mills
Book Arts arts du livre Canada, Vol 2, No 2, November 2011
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

Susan Mills regularly teaches classes and workshops at
The Center for Book Arts in New York.

Handmade Book Creation Art and Activism
class taught by Susan Mills
The Public School
self-organizing educational program with free tuition

"For nearly thirty years, Granary Books has bought together writers, artists and
bookmakers to investigate verbal/visual relations in the time-honored spirit of
independent publishing. Granary's mission - to produce, promote, document, and
theorize new works exploring the intersection of word, image, and page - has earned
the reputation as one of the most unique and significant small publishers operating

Susan Mills is pleased to have bound the following books for Granary:

The Book of the Anonymous
John Yau, Max Gimblett
edition of 33
hand-bound by Susan Mills
more information here

Chanccani Quipu
Cecelia Vicuna
edition of 32
hand stenciled box made by Susan Mills
more information here

The Desert
Jen Bervin
edition of 40
hand-bound by Susan Mills
more information here